SICGIL is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Dry Ice in India

SICGIL was incorporated in 1947 and is the largest company exclusively in the CO2 business in India. The company has six factories strategically located across the country at Chennai (20 TPD), Goa (120 TPD), Tuticorin (20 TPD), Vadodara (200 TPD) Bhatinda (40 TPD) Cochin (100 TPD) and Srikakulam (20 TPD) with an aggregate CO2 liquid production capacity of over 450 tons per day. To learn more about SICGIL, visit our website at www.sicgil.com

Apart from manufacturing and delivering CO2, SICGIL designs and erects CO2 plants, manufactures storage and mobile tanks, as well as related equipment. SICGIL also provides cost effective business solutions to its customers.

SICGIL CO2 Equipment
SICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 EquipmentSICGIL CO2 Equipment

Why SICGIL CO2 Equipment?

All SICGIL units have been certified as ISO 9001-2000 and SICGIL is in the process of obtaining HACCP certification.

All the CO2 related equipment we use are internally designed and developed at SICGIL, mainly for our own purpose. Now our Equipment Division can also offer you the following products and services that use our rich heritage and experience to provide you solid, time tested solutions.

We can supply both Brewery based & Distillery based CO2 Recovery plants with 99.99% product purity, confirming to ISBT standards. These are designed in conformation with industry standards and are available in various capacities and sizes as per your specific requirements. Our range caters to the requirements of various applications such as beverage, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Range

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Features of SICGIL'S Recovery & Production Plants

  • State of the art technology
  • High performance & efficiency
  • Low maintenance.
  • High Purity Food Grade 99.99% pure CO2
  • High Yield with low utility consumption norms
  • Very minimum impurities
  • User friendly, fully automatic operation
  • Low installation & operating cost - quick payback
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy and safe recovery of the CO2 gas.