CO2 Absorption Plants

Hyper Efficient CO2 Treatment

SICGIL offers comprehensive CO2 Absorption plant solutions ranging from Fuel Gas recovery plants to Bio Gas based CO2 recovery plants.

Our absorption plants are precision engineered and provide solutions with the highest level of safety and cost effectiveness.

View images of our absorption plant solutions from the gallery on the right or read below for specific information on the various absorption plants offered by SICGIL.

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Fuel Gas Recovery Plant

Our precision engineered range of Fuel Gas Recovery Base Plant is renowned for removing the need for continuous flaring of gas from oil, gas and petrochemical plants. The gas is safely and cost effectively recovered and can be utilized for other purposes.

Features: Environmentally friendly, cost effective, easy and safe recovery of the flare gas

Bio gas based CO2 Recovery plant

SICGIL can supply CO2 plant from sources like Bio Gas Base Recovery is manufactured using quality raw material and advanced technology ensuring durability and dimensional accuracy. Our range operates at ambient conditions with no external heating required to prevent hydrate formation.