CO2 Production Plants

End to End CO2 Production Systems

SICGIL offers complete end to end CO2 production systems such as Diesel and Kerosene Based CO2 plants. Our production solutions are built to last and are well known for their sturdy design and high quality, keeping them in high demand globally.

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Diesel and Kerosene Based CO2 Plant

Our quality range of Diesel Based Plants are based on a very sturdy design including cross head and stuffing box, which ensures complete isolation between the combustion chamber and the lubricating oil, which prevents contamination of the lubricating oil. The Diesel Base Plant offered by us is in high demand all across the globe and is manufactured using quality raw material procured from reliable sources.

Features: Complete stripping of CO2, Improved CO2 absorption, Low pressure purification, Less fuel consumption and cost effectiveness

Natural Gas based CO2 plant

With our wide experience, we have been able to offer a quality range of Natural Gas Base Plants, which produce biogas that can be utilized in a gas engine, based combined heat and power (CHP) plant. The electricity produced in the CHP plant is CO2 neutral, contrary to the electricity produced from fossil fuels. These plants have fully automatic operation and have a simplified overall concept ensuring low operation and maintenance costs.

Features: Available in customized designs, Corrosion resistant, Durable,Sturdy, Dimensionally accurate