CO2 Tanks

Comprehensive CO2 storage solutions

SICGIL offers high quality storage tanks to handle all your CO2 storage needs. We offer horizontal tanks, vertical tanks and mobile tanks in a wide range of storage volume options from 5MT to 300MT.

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CO2 Storage tanks Horizontal / Vertical

SICGIL can supply both horizontal and vertical CO2 storage tanks of different capacities ranging from 5 MT to 300 MT as per your requirement . These are designed as per supplied specifications and can store liquid CO2 under high pressures.

Features: Completely safe for bulk CO2 storage, Configured with modern safety devices, refrigerants and insulators which prevent the loss of gas by evaporation and liquid CO2, Constructed from best and low temperature steel, fabrication process of these tanks is duly checked by internationally approved inspection agencies, valves & fittings are approved by controller of explosives, polyeurathene insulation and aluminium cladding is provided for tropical design.

CO2 Mobile Tankers

SICGIL CO2 tankers are designed in different capacities to make them suitable for existing chassis. The PU insulation of these tankers is of higher thicknesses as no refrigeration system is required. The fabrications and drawings are approved and supervised by international inspection agencies. All mobile tankers are available at various capacity ranges .