CO2 Dosing System

SICGIL designed CO2 dosing system is skid mounted compact and high efficiency dosing system made of SS 316, operates between 3.0 Kg/cm2 (g) to 5.0 kg/cm2 (g) permeate water pressure. Combination of Sparger and mechanical dosing system ensures that out of 100 % CO2 gas injected, 98% to 100 % CO2 gas is absorbed in permeate water and carbonic acid is formed. Any non-condensable gases (and air), if are available in the gas stream will be purged out automatically through vent valve from the exist stream of dosing system.

The CO2 “packaged storage and dosing system” is a “state-of-art” plant which consists of fully automatic operation of CO2 dosing. SICGIL offer dosing system having its own standalone PLC local control panel. Sicgil offers a complete turnkey package including installation and commissioning of CO2 storage system & CO2 dosing system. Additionally SICGIL ensures on job training for client's personnel for operation and maintenance of entire package once commissioning is done.