Other CO2 Equipment

CO2 Equipment Accessories

In addition to providing comprehensive CO2 equipment solutions, SICGIL also has a range of other CO2 equipment and accessories including Cylinder Filling Stations, spare parts & services for CO2 plants, as well as filling pumps.

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Cylinder Filling Station

We offer Liquid CO2 Filling Stations, which are designed to fill liquid carbon dioxide into cylinders. The system consists of a maximum of three weighing platforms and three high-pressure filling manifolds controlled by a semi automatic system. The system is operated for two platforms.


  • Better accuracy and consistency of operation
  • Programmable set points

Spare parts & Services for CO2 plant

SICGIL offers you a versatile service program from a single source that includes on-site support, troubleshooting, training and operation of plants. In addition to this, we also offer comprehensive service solutions that include

  • Revamps and repairs and debottlenecking
  • Studies, plant audits and optimization
  • Spare parts and components

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you operate your plant more effectively. Because of our excellent supply contacts, SICGIL can source any type of spare parts / components for CO2 plants. Our service engineers are available on standby 24/7!

Filling pumps

These days, cylinders are filled more often with the help of a special liquid pump which pumps the liquid from the liquid source to the cylinder filling system. The pump is specially designed to handle liquid CO2 at extremely low temperatures and pressures (approximately 22 kg/cm2) and pumps the same to 80 kg/cm2 or more in cylinders.


  • Gland packing specially developed for leak less operation, reducing gas loss
  • Minimal maintenance - all parts available off the shelf
  • Quick cool down
  • Designed for continuous operation